Handheld Vaporizers 2018
Handheld Vaporizers 2018

Portable Vaporizers: The Best Way To Vape While On The Go

If you are looking for a small, compact and powerful vaping device that you can use while on the go, you should consider the portable vaporizers. Although they were initially designed for use on the travel, some are powerful enough to meet most of your vaping needs, which means that you no longer need to buy two different vaporizer units. However, with the options currently available on the market, choosing the right vaporizer for your vaping needs and budget can be very difficult especially if you are new to the world of vaporizers. To find the best vaporizer, you should research the market, read user reviews and compare some of the best units on the market. 

When choosing the best vaporizers, you must factor the medium you will be vaping. The common vaping materials include the concentrate, dry herb, and e-liquid. Some units are capable of vaping all three mediums but most vaporizers are good at one or two mediums. Another important factor that you must consider is the design and the build quality of the unit. For the portable units, they must be able to withstand the knocks that occur during travels, which explain the reason why units with a metal body are the most popular. 

Another important element that you should consider when choosing portable vaporizers is the vapor quality. Different people have different opinions when it comes to vapor quality but several factors can affect the quality of vapor including the heating level the unit can achieve, the material of the unit, and the quality of the medium. However, if you are looking for a unit that offers the best vapor quality, you should keep an eye on the heating mechanism. Pocket vaporizers use two heating mechanisms that include the convection and the conduction. Convection is the process where the vaporizer blows hot air through the medium while conduction is the process where the medium is in direct contact with the heating element. 


The best vaporizer is the one that is easy to use. No matter how durable the unit is or how much vapor it produces, the unit would not rank as one of the best if it is difficult to clean, hard to refill or if it has low capacity. That said, there are several portable units on the market that you should consider with some of the highly rated and ranked units including the Mig Vapor Matrix, the Mig Vapor DRAY, the V2 Pro Series 3X, the V2 Pro Series 7, and the G Pen Elite among others.